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Professional Writers: Should You Get Paid To Write Fake Reviews?

Professional writers are always asked to generate copy for a variety of different projects. Some are asked to write copy for books, some are asked to write copy for websites, some are asked to write...
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Nine Tips for Those New to Making Money Online

The first year of any new career is never exactly easy. And the first year you spend working online is certainly no exception. Not only is your income a source of constant terror, you also have to...
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Eight Beginners Tips for Working Online as a Freelancer

If you’ve recently decided to start working online as a freelancer, you can look forward to a number of different things. Working your own hours, choosing your own projects and simply being...
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When should I Monetize on my Blog?

This is probably one of the most common questions a blogger ask: When should I monetize my blog? There might be some different answers, but I do have my one and only answer for it: I monetize my blogs...
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Why You’ll Never Be a Traffic Generation Cafe

The Friendly Blogger has been around about 12 months now. In that time, those of you who have stuck with it through the changes know one thing; this blog would have never happened without Ana Hoffman...

How To Sell Your Website

Looking at past history, website sales can be quite lucrative. Imagine if you will, Facebook being sold right now. Huge bucks right? So what if you don’t own a Facebook? How to¬† sell your website...
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Setting Up a Merchant Account – Things to Consider

Web sites that offer services and products need a way for their customers to purchase the service or product. Several steps must be taken before a web site can process payments. The first thing a web...

5 Ways to Make Money Online

Earning money working from home can help you supplement your income or even support yourself completely. Since most households have an Internet connection these days, it’s easy to make extra...