Professional Writers: Should You Get Paid To Write Fake Reviews?

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Professional writers are always asked to generate copy for a variety of different projects. Some are asked to write copy for books, some are asked to write copy for websites, some are asked to write copy for product descriptions—and the list goes on and on.

One of the most recent requests that professional writers are receiving is to write fake online reviews. Sometimes specific companies are reaching out to writers asking them to create fake reviews for their business, services or products, and sometimes the owners of these sites are reaching out to professional writers asking them to write reviews for companies, products or services on their site.

As a professional writer, it’s important that you decide whether or not writing fake online reviews is something you want to do. Sure, it’s a gig that can add money to your wallet, but there are also other factors to consider before deciding whether or not writing fake reviews is the right choice
for you.

It will not help your portfolio

As a professional writer, your portfolio is what will separate you from other writers, so you want to make sure that your portfolio is filled with the projects you’ve worked on that will make you stand out. Having a portfolio filled with fake online reviews will not make you stand out from other writers, at least not in a good way. Companies want to see in-depth and professional writing, not just blurbs about how you felt about a specific company, product or service. If you’re looking for gigs that will boost your portfolio, writing fake reviews is not the answer.

It won’t pay you that great

Most companies that offer to pay writers for their reviews are not willing to pay a lot for the services. If you accept a job writing fake reviews, you have to understand that you will be spending your time writing copy that will only pay out a small percent of what you normally charge. If you have
the time and need the money, then accepting the job is perfectly fine, but if you already have a lot on your plate, then you may want to skip out on the gig.

It will have a negative effect on thousands, if not millions, of consumers

Writing fake reviews is morally wrong. Consumers visit these sites in hopes of retrieving an honest review from someone that actually visited the company or purchased a specific product or service, and if you are getting paid to write fake reviews, you are taking the honesty away and leading these consumers in the wrong direction.

It can hurt your reputation

If other people find out that you were paid to write fake reviews, it could end up hurting your reputation. Other companies may not want to do business with someone that is okay with leading consumers in the wrong direction, and if word spreads about your fake online review writing, it could destroy your reputation as a professional writer.

About the Author: Charlie Adams is a tech guru and IT specialist with Review Trackers. Charlie often blogs about technology and its role within the world of business in an attempt to educate.


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