How To Write Perfect SEO-Friendly Content

License: Creative Commons image source Once upon a time, writing the ideal article from an SEO perspective was a simple matter. Back then SEO was based almost entirely on keyphrases, and the best way...
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seo 2013

Working SEO Techniques For 2013 To Increase The Ranking

photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via photopin cc Search engine optimization is the most important thing that an online business owner can achieve. The components of SEO are ranking, traffic and revenue....
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traffic techniques

Master A Few Of These Traffic Techniques And Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Image feministjulie / Flickr When you bake cookies you only want to make a few and they will be huge. If you spread the dough too thin you maybe have more cookies, but they are so small they do nothing...
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seo is spam

SEO = Spam?

SEO - a spam or not? There’s a bit of controversy happening about Google and SEO – it’s Jonathan Rockway, a relatively new Google employees that make statements like “SEO isn’t...
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SEO Infographic: The New Link Bait

As long as I can remember, the almighty link bait was a great piece of content going viral and causing mass linkage. Free reports, e-books, awesome articles….all of it; an effort to grab more...
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How to Build Your Blog Traffic using BlogGlue

Here is the newest WordPress plugin I installed on The Friendly Blogger: BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin, which I strongly recommend you to install on your blog. Why? Well, the number one reason...

Anchors Away! Your Link Said What?

I’m not going to take up all kinds of time and go over what anchor text is in this post. However, I am going to give you a suggestion with regards to link anchor text and how it relates to building...

Tips To Optimize Your Blog For The iPad Visitors

Make it easy! For those who have been blogging for awhile now, more than likely have addressed their mobile/tablet users needs. However, for those just starting out, you need to consider how you will...