Google Search: Behind the Algorithm

You all do your keyword research and work relentlessly to get those keywords ranked in Google. What people seem to forget in Google search is their is more under the hood. There are alot of components...
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Income Stream: Make Money Offering Classifed Space

Internet Marketing is about making money and the most successful marketers have multiple income streams. You can make money offering classified space on your site as one of the waves in your stream....
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6 Tips For a Better Google Search

I admit it… I am addicted to Google. Anytime someone asks me a question, I whip out whatever techie gadget I have at the moment and Google it up. I can’t help it….they are like gods...

Keep Up With Latest Trends: INETU

It seems the technology world changes overnight. New gadgets, business models and services pop up quickly. If you are like me and sometimes miss an update here or there, I have an solution for you....
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The Content Farm: Legit Topics For Bloggers

I actually wish I would have created a site called the content farm myself; however, I didn’t need to. There is already an active content farm out there with tons of legitĀ topics for bloggers....
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Announced: The End of Blogging As We Know It

Why did you click on this post? My guess is the headline. Maybe it intrigued you; maybe you thought…yea, right. Whatever your thoughts about it, you clicked it. The headline is the single most...
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Top White Papers of 2011: List

According to Wikipedia; a white paper “isĀ  white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions,...
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How To Join Google+: Part 2

So the last post I wrote about how to join Google+ has gotten quite the response. I am excited about the endless possibilities of Google+ and I realize many people want in on the ground floor of this...