Top White Papers of 2011: List

white papers, 2011 white papers, what is white paperAccording to Wikipedia; a white paper “isĀ  white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions, and are often requested and used in politics, policy, business, and technical fields. In commercial use, the term has also come to refer to documents used by businesses as a marketing or sales tool.”

So, in theory, if you were to create a true white paper, you would gain valuable links back to your site and authority figure status. It’s imperative that in writing a white paper; you do your due diligence with regards to research. You can;t just put out some theories or crap content.

The idea is to be revolutionary, relevant and educational. Therefore, you need to be cutting edge. Research and more research is the key. You can use these white papers to build your list, paid content, anything you like. Anyways, what I have been doing lately is reading several of these papers to gain some valuable knowledge.

What I decided to do was give you the links to some of the top white papers I have found in all areas of blogging to social media. You will gain huge amounts of value fro these papers.

White Paper List


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