SEO = Spam?

seo is spam

SEO - a spam or not?

There’s a bit of controversy happening about Google and SEO – it’s Jonathan Rockway, a relatively new Google employees that make statements like “SEO isn’t good for users” and “It’s a bug that you could rank highly in Google without buying ads, and Google is trying to fix the bug” – something that makes SEO specialists and SEO publications alert and clarify the statements – even Google clarifies the confusion in this video.

Some thoughts about the controversial confusions about the statement saying that SEO is bad:

1. SEO CAN be a spam, but that doesn’t mean SEO is a spam

SEO can be a spam if you use tools and methods in order to rank your sites higher, unethically. I.e. just like any tools in the world, SEO “black hat” tools, such as Scrapebox, can be used for spamming or finding great links – your choice.

2. SEO is small and medium businesses (SMBs)’ favorite marketing channel – and most SMBs are not spammy, correct?

A survey reveals that SEO is the single most important marketing channel for SMBs. I’m not sure those ethical small businesses want to be called spammers. If users find SEO spammy, then they can sue those SMBs? I don’t think so – SMBs – and I believe most bloggers – choose SEO for a reason, and it’s all about great results and attractive ROI using legit SEO methods.

3. Are SEO specialists spammers? I don’t think so

Is SEO Book’s Aaron Wall spammer? I don’t think so. How about Matt Cutts, the Google engineer? I don’t think he’s a spammer (he’ll get his @ss kicked if he was!) True, some SEO specialists offer their works on the cheap offering the unethical SEO labeled as white hat SEO techniques, but that doesn’t mean you should generalize things based on such group of so-called SEO experts.

Again, here’s the official Google video explaining that SEO is not a spam:

Pretty clear, I suppose…

So, what do you think? Is SEO a spam? Please share your thoughts!


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