The Pinterest Craze is Here – Have You Signed Up?


Pinterest is the next big thing in social media

I first hear about Pinterest some months ago, but not really interested to see what’s in it. I instead check out on, also a new social site (I’m still on – it’s fantastic – check my profile here.)

I admit I missed out on Pinterest. But what happened in the past few weeks? The buzz about Pinterest is so noisy that I can’t afford to miss yet another opportunity to check out on Pinterest.

Then a couple of days ago I signed up for Pinterest account – it’s by invite only, but no worries – I can get the invite in 1 day and so will you. I don’t have a chance to do much on my Pinterest account, but I promise I will soon!

What is Pinterest and why you should join the craze?

Pinterest is a digital pin board in which you can pin interesting stuff from the web and share what you pinned to fellow pinners.

You can group your pins into some topics, such as “Places I like to visit,” “Funny pics,” etc. and share your board with your friends and colleagues.

Pinterest is rising in popularity – it’s Top 100 most popular sites on the web today, according to Alexa, and it is somehow way much better than Twitter in term of retaining and engaging users (2-3 times more efficient, to be exact.)

And if you are a blogger, here’s one more reason to join Pinterest – it can drive (plenty of) traffic to your blog (Problogger’s Darren Rowse says that Pinterest drives 3000 visits a day to his blogs!)

So – are you ready to pin web stuffs?

So, what do you think of Pinterest? I recommend you give Pinterest a try, and I guarantee that you will see that it has a knack of keeping you engaged for hours :)

(cough) you can pin this post if you like ;)


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