Some Out Of the Box Tips to Design a Near Perfect Landing Page

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Well, you have learned a lot about how to drive targeted traffic to your landing page and how to get that targeted traffic converted thanks to innumerable articles available on the web. That is cool. But rarely have you come across articles that give you tips to do something different, something that deviates from the standard practices to achieve higher conversion rate. The reason is quite obvious; it is because it is going to stir up controversy. As conversion optimizers strongly believe that their theories are infallible and I have immense respect for that, making a deviation from the set rule will always be treated as with contempt, and failure is what most people believe to be the ultimate outcome.

But the problem of following the standard conversion optimization techniques is that everyone is following them and therefore if you choose to follow them, your landing page will lack uniqueness and the elements of surprise. To get you out of this paradoxical problem, here I am going to share some tips:

Say ‘Thank You’ to Your Visitors

Of course, we are a civilized race and for that reason, whoever is visiting your website, you need to thank them for taking the trouble to visit your website. You would not necessarily have to say ‘Thank You’ in bold letters on the landing page. There are other ways to show your gratitude. You can create a splash page or a separate page to furnish more details about your business before redirecting them to the landing page or home page etc.

Sign Up Landing Page

It might sound strange but these days people are going the extra mile to get people to complete the sign up process. Unless you do something awkward and out of the box, there is a very slim chance that people will actually open their email account and click on the ‘Confirm Subscription’ link.

Loads of things can be done to encourage people to take this action. You can feature a man or a woman visibly uneasy because the visitors have not yet clicked on the confirmation link. It is funny and at the same time, it encourages people to take desired action.

Offer some Give-aways

Just do not stop at the ‘Thank You for subscribing’ page. Since you have already managed to win their trust, otherwise they would not have cared to subscribe to your newsletter, why not ask a bit more favour. Try up selling a product or a service; just make sure that the price does not play spoilsport here. Too high price and you are going to scare them away and too low, they may treat it as a marketing gimmick. It is your call.

Encourage Them to Refer the Offer to Their friends

Wait for the right moment and deliver the right message. This is the secret to high conversion rate. In a perfect world, these two rare incidents match all the time and you make money, but rarely does this happen. So, you have to be proactive and try to get the word out about a successful conversion by encouraging that customer to share the story with his friends and get a discount on next offer.

Landing Page for Unsubscribed Emails

Do you know why people get themselves unsubscribed from an email list? Yes, the reason is they get too many emails. Actually, these people do not want to get unsubscribed; they just cannot put up with the number of emails that are being sent to their inboxes every day.

So, you need to make a last ditch attempt to stop these people from getting unsubscribed. Get them landed on a page where they will get to choose the number of mails they are happy to receive in a week or in a month.

Create Custom Landing Pages for Blog Comments & Guest Posts

The idea is somewhat similar to that of PPC. Instead of sending visitors directly to the home page, we can send them to a landing page where people will be able to gather more information about the person who is making all the comments or who is publishing all these great articles. This will help people relate to the person and with the brand as well.

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