Holidays and Blogging: How to maintain the balance?


For an active blogger, holidays and vacations are times which provide a rich variety of themes and ideas to work upon. These clashes with the traditional view of a holiday being a time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It becomes an even greater problem if the blogger is taking the vacation along with family or friends who might perceive him/her as a workaholic, even during the holidays! Here are some tips for the beleaguered blogger to maintain a balance between blogging and holidays.

Gather ideas instead of creating blogs

Like a woodcutter taking a break to sharpen the saw, use the holiday as a break to improve on your blogging skills. Keep your eyes and mind open to the new sights which will surely inspire many new ideas. And these ideas could be along any lines – travel, cooking, nature, history, culture or general knowledge. Each idea has the potential to become a successful blog post one day. So, ensure that you make a record of all the different ideas that strike you.

Enhance your ideas by spending quality time

Spend all the time during the holidays with yourself, family and friends. Take a lot of pictures, record videos and audio bytes. Create memories. These are activities that everyone will enjoy and look forward to. However, unknown to all of them, you will also be creating a treasure chest of enhancements and audio-visual aids for your blog which will accompany the writing. Talk to others and gain added perspectives and insights. Go around shopping and get acquainted with the specialties and culture of the place. Presenting new things or presenting things in a new light will definitely make your blog interesting. Just remember, anything that makes you happy will create content that will make your readers happy.

Keep aside some time everyday for yourself

Even on the craziest of vacations, you should be able to set aside at least an hour everyday to be by yourself. Your family/friends will surely not mind this. Use this time to organize and classify all your ideas and captured materials. In fact, you could involve your brother, sister or friends to help you sort photographs and videos. That will create another ‘together time’ and also help your ‘blog-preparedness’.

Notify your blog followers before the holidays

Holidays are meant to have a fair amount of randomness. Things will not run according to a perfect schedule. The internet facilities may not be available in some places. So, before your holiday begins, notify your blog readers that you will only be intermittently blogging for the next week, fortnight or month. They will appreciate the concern and effort at notification. They will also look forward to your return to blogging and you might register an increased interest and views after the holidays.


The holidays serve as a very fertile and fruitful time for rejuvenating the blogger in you. You can easily make use of the holidays to prepare for a dozen blogs even as you have fun. And when you get back to business, you will be back with a bang with the plethora of ideas and materials that you have gathered.

About The Author: Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in Kerr & Wagstaffe. Find here Kerr & Wagstaffe quora profile.


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