Should Google Buy Twitter?

I have been reading a lot of info lately on Google and Twitter. Considering the fact that Twitter has failed to monetize for users, should Google buy Twitter?

There is no doubt Google knows how to monetize. They are a multi-billion dollar entity. They have made people millionaires with Adsense and AdWords. So they have shared the wealth. I know a lot of people dislike Google, however; I love them. They give the average everyday joe the ability to make hoards of money or just a few extra bucks. Whatever you desire.

I considered the fact that Twitter really has no monetization method for the average user. Albeit for the promoted tweets brands can sponsor. The down side to that is that means no money for regular brands; like your blog or mine.

I know this issue has been discussed a million times; but I like my opinion heard as well. I am pretty sure ya’ll know that by now!!! :)

I think Google buying Twitter would be a better fit then say, Facebook. Not that I dislike Facebook; it’s a matter of preference I suppose. But to really grab hold of Twitter and utilize 10 million users, Google is it hands down. I don’t think there is a better choice for monetizing Twitter.

Google is a powerhouse and those that predicted Facebook would take them down; are just, well wrong. Period. If that happens I will eat my words and write a huge apology post to Facebook. :)

Now off to you….how would you monetize Twitter and should Google buy them?


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