3 Tips on Blogging for SEO Purposes

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Blogging for SEO - some tips

When you are blogging there will be times that you need to write a blog post with SEO purposes. It’s always challenging to write well when you consider SEO in your writing regime, as you need to please the search engines and your readers. No more freestyle blogging for you, especially if you are running your blog as a business.

I do have some tips to help you stay true with your blogging, while keeping things up the SEO way:

1. List your keywords

Lists are good for many things, including for groceries and blogging. What you need to do is to list your targeted keywords, and check marks the keywords you have mentioned while writing your blog post. This will keep your mind organized and help off loading the nagging keywords from your head.

2. Write for your audience first, search engine second

People are still visiting blogs because they want to read real, non-mainstream opinions and ideas. Writing for SEO won’t give you much of that, especially if you are focusing too much on the keywords factors, such as keyword density, mentions in which paragraphs, and so on.

3. Avoid weird keywords in your blog post body

Related to number 2 above, “Weird” keywords would repel your blog readers. Keywords, such as “car dealer Florida” when placed in post body would look eerie, disturbing and blah. If you insist on using such keywords, be sure to place it in the blog post by-line or “resource box” – i.e. “This blog post is brought to you by car dealer Florida” or “Looking for trusted car dealer Florida? Go to XYZCarFlorida.com” or such.

So, there you go – 3 tips to help you blog with SEO flavor on your blog post. Do you have any tips to add? Please share yours by leaving a comment on this post.

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