Will you Lie in Your Blog Posts?

blogging woesBlogging and Internet marketing is often inseparable. At times, we share our opinions; we also occasionally share interesting products/services relevant to our readers. In doing so, we often promote our own or affiliate products/services.

Promoting something we ourselves benefit from is not only acceptable, it’s recommendable. Like a blog you just read? Why don’t you share it with your blog readers? Like a service you just try? Why shouldn’t you let your readers know your experience with it?

However, when sharing the above involves money in the equation, you need to be careful. Sponsored review, writing about an affiliate program you just joined, recommending a product you just try – those stuffs can make you real money off your blog.

BE WARNED – money is the root of all evil :)

Money in itself is not “evil” – you need money to support your daily life; you need money to grow your blog. However, money can attract you to do the whatnot, including LYING TO YOUR READERS.

Yes – especially when it comes to money making, some bloggers are pathological liars – they create a fake-yet-believable situation from which they base their blog posts on. Some others are just scammers, not liars – but you get the point…

“I’ve tried this great service and my income from blogging jumps from zero to $5,000/month” – a blogger can write a convincing blog post, telling lies with a complete set of screenshots (photoshopped, of course!) to make convincing claims.

Why a blogger lie? There are some motivations, but the most common motive I know: He/she simply wants to make more money – that’s all… So instead of spending time and money to try the products/services, they just lie…

It’s difficult to know whether a blogger is lying in his/her blog post or not… that being said, as blog readers, you need to find the truth yourself.

For bloggers, it’s important for you to have disclaimers in your blogs if you are “selling” something from your blog posts. Disclaimers can inform your readers why you wrote the blog posts and how you will be compensated from your blog posts.

As of for me, I want my articles to be as genuine as possible. I CAN’T AFFORD TO LIE – my online reputation is at stake :)

If I think a product sucks, I will write so (us bloggers are smart people – we can write negative opinions in a positive way!) If I don’t have anything to say about something, I just write a general, informative post based on facts (with links to relevant sources.)

So – here’s a question for you. Let’s be honest here: Will you lie (even with the so-called white lie) to your readers?


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6 Responses to “Will you Lie in Your Blog Posts?”

  1. August 3, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    To answer your question Ivan – NO!! I think you said it perfectly, “I CAN’T AFFORD TO LIE – my online reputation is at stake”. There’s too much on the line to lose by doing so.

    And here’s the deal, people normally take recommendations from people they trust and have already built a relationship with.

    My guess is that those lying to make a quick buck are only thinking of the short-term gains and will only be in business for a short period of time anyway.

    It’s just unfortunately it comes at the expense of a few trusting souls.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)

    • August 4, 2011 at 10:14 am #


      Yeah – I myself have been tricked into buying ebooks from Clickbanks containing information I can find for free from the web. I actually come to a point that I no longer trust any income claims of any affiliate programs today, regardless how trustful they are (especially a photo of someone with a luxury car or yacht or whatever.)

      • August 4, 2011 at 10:17 am #

        Yes, definitely stay away from offers with pics of fast-luxury cars and women in bikinis. LOL

        I do think there are many valuable products out there worth the money. You just have to sort through the junk to get to the jewels. ;-)

    • August 4, 2011 at 10:18 am #


      Yeah – I can’t afford to lie because in my early days trying to make money online, I’ve been punk’d – so to speak – by so-called experts by buying their ebooks only to find that the information inside is available freely on the web. Income claims, screenshots, taking a picture with a luxury car – I no longer bought into such thing…

  2. August 3, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Nope. My integrity may have to be proven out over time, but it’s all I have. For now I’m not selling, just helping. But I never inflate my skills to my readers. If I don’t know I say so and add that I can find the answer if they give me a minute.

    • August 4, 2011 at 10:21 am #


      That’s a great personal branding effort. Today, I often write blog posts that let my readers know that I don’t know a thing about a subject and let them know my journey in educating myself. This way they can relate to my experience, and experience – in itself – sells.

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