How To Write Incredible Blog Articles

incredible blog postIf you have blogging for any period of time, you know that there is no magical, secret that successful bloggers have which causes there blogs to be high-traffic, cash cows. The truth is that successful bloggers are simply sharing information and insights that people enjoy reading. If you want to really increase the traffic on your blog, you simply need to write good stuff! In this article, I want to share a few creative writing exercises to get your brain kicked into creative mode, which will inevitably help you create better content and drive more traffic to your blog.

Write Short Stories

Now, you may have started blogging because you have a solid technical understanding of something that is about as far from creative as you can imagine. For example, maybe you run a blog on personal finances. Personal finance is typically a pretty dry, boring topic. We typically don’t tend to think of the personal finance world as very exciting, creative, and edgy. As a blogger and writer, however, your goal is to take an industry, such as personal finance, and make it exciting, creative, and edgy. One way to hone that writing craft is to experiment with completely different modes of writing—such as creative writing.

Now, you are not going to write short stories in hopes of eventually publishing the story in The New Yorker! Your goal is to simply stimulate those creative muscles in your brain. If you actually take a few weeks to sketch out a story line, create a few characters, establish a conflict, and write out an actual story, you will be amazed at what effect it has on your blogging. Writing short stories is a real challenge, and you will find that when you return to blogging, you can write with much greater ease!

Write Technical Articles On Topics You Don’t Understand

Choose an industry that you find somewhat interesting but do not understand very well. So, if you are running a personal finance blog, consider writing a strong, research-based piece on something totally unrelated, like effective corporate advertising. Spend a few hours in research and write a really detailed piece that presents a strong argument of some form or fashion. Again, the power here is that you are removing yourself from your normal mode of operation and expanding your mind a bit. Breaking out of the normal routine is a simple, but powerful tool to help stimulate your creative juices. You do not need working capital business loans to write. Writing is free!

Free Write

This should be a staple of your daily routine if you are writing for a living. Free writing is an essential habit that helps stimulate your creative muscles every day. And the great thing about free writing is that there is no pressure and there are definitely no rules. You simply write. Write about whatever comes to mind. You will be amazed how much brilliant material comes out of you during these unscripted writing sessions. When you simply write for no reason, your subconscious tends to release incredible thoughts and ideas into your conscious mind, which you will, in turn, put down on paper. Many of these thoughts and ideas would never come to you if you didn’t take this time to intentionally write without purpose. Working capital business loans and all other financial commitments should be forgotten when writing. Keep your mind clear.

If you are going to take blogging seriously, writing is a skill you have to intentionally seek to improve. Follow these few tips and you will undoubtedly increase the quality of your original content.


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