Affiliate Marketing and Bobbing for Apples

Affiliate marketing is a lot like bobbing for apples. You dunk your face in head first, hoping to come up a winner. In the process, you get gook all over your face. Ok, so maybe not a perfect analogy, but good enough. The bottom line is this: if yu don’t concentrate and keep your mouth open, you will not get an apple. Same goes for AM.

Keep talking, keep networking, opening your mouth and you will succeed. Sounds simple but it really is not. People tend to lose interest after awhile. You have to remain steadfast in your marketing efforts. For example, everyone knows McDonalds. Billions and billions served. People go to McDonalds without even thinking, but Mickey D’s still advertises. They still offer specials and coupons. It’s keeping your product fresh in the minds.

Whatever program you are promoting or product, keep talking and blogging. Keep the content fresh and relevant to your items and people will take notice. And once I again, I stress patience. It is a must. Ask for help when you need it from other marketers and this helps you to network as well.


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