Best Financial Books for under $1

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“One of the great things about is that since they have a reseller program, the most popular books often are sold (used) for very cheap. In the case of this article, I picked out five of the best personal finance books out there that you can get for less than a buck. I wouldn’t say that these are necessarily the five best financial books written, but they are all very popular and have proved themselves to be worth something – even if it is only a buck! ;)

Just a quick disclaimer, at the time of this writing you could buy any of these books used on Amazon for under a buck. Yes, in order to get them that cheap you will be buying used books and their prices do fluctuate, so one day you could get it for 75 cents and the next day it might be 83 cents. But either way, I can assure you it will be worth the money. And, as always, using the library to get books is a great idea as well!”

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