How To Use Google Video Search To Gain Rank

google video search, google rankingsGoogle has this great little search engine. I know, it’s not little Lisa, right?! Well, I am not referring to their main hub; I am talking about Google Video search. I finally tried to use it for myself and I like what I see. Using the Google Video search, I found some pretty relevant information I was searching. This post will show you how to use Google Video Search to gain rank.

Google Video Search

So, here’s what you do. Head over to Google Video Search. Then, in the search box type your search phrase and be sure to put 2011 or whatever year we are in after your term.

Next, on the left hand column you will see a filter. You can search by day, month, hour, etc….I use the last 24 hours to get the most relevant results. See below the flexibility you have in filtering.

Now that you have customized your search, you will see all the videos that fall into your parameters. You can then go through the videos for relevance to your topic. Perfect for finding topics in your niche and content for your blogs. Videos are a great way to compliment your blog posts.

The other nice thing about Google Video Search is that you can get a double listing in Google if you use video. Not only will your blog post rank on the main search engine, but now your video can rank in Google video. :)

So, the reason I checked this out was to find a cool video for you guys. So, I searched blogging for 2011 and filtered last 24 hours. Found a lot of people discussing blogging. For your enjoyment, is the video I chose!

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