Ready to Be An Affiliate Marketer?

If you reading this article, you’re either interested in affiliate marketing and are looking for ideas and reviews of products, tools and strategies to boost your online money making career as an affiliate marketer or simply, ‘Finding ways to make money online’.

Perhaps, you were like me at one point whereby, trying to make money online but not sure how to start off a money making career online. Well, let me introduce myself….I am a stay at home mom wanting to make an extra income on the side. I read success stories online and some made me skeptical especially those that claim they made four to five figure income in a matter of days. So, I did my research as there are just vast information on the net. I somehow came across affiliate marketing. Why affiliate marketing you might ask? Simply because it did not seem too difficult and the very aspect of it made sense to me. For instance, I get to work from the comfort of my own home. I have flexibility in choosing my work hours. I have zero inventory cost. All transactions are exchanged via the internet as these are merely digital products. All I need to incur is a minimal start up investment and maintain cost. The best part of it all, ‘unlimited potential earnings’.

You can definitely make money with affiliate marketing. I did and still am. Unfortunately, nothing in life is simple as some people state it out to be. The truth is it requires effort, dedication, patience and persistence on your part. Just note that willingness to acquire the knowledge is the essential part of it all. You don’t need to be a marketing expert or graduate to acquire the knowledge as I myself did not have a degree in marketing but I really took the initiative to learn and what better way to gather knowledge and information if not from the internet itself. I call it ‘my powerful mechanism’. If you have the will to learn to become an affiliate marketer, then you most definitely will succeed.

First, what you need is to understand the basics of affiliate marketing. In order to acquire that, my affiliate marketing product reviews will provide you with the groundwork knowledge that you need and I assure you that you will eventually be on your way to earning good money online. I’ve tried several affiliate marketing products over several months since I started affiliate marketing. Let me tell you, there are just plentiful but I’ve downsized my list and rated them top 5. Especially when you’re just getting started and you just can’t decide what product is best and afraid of making a wrong investment, my product reviews will simplify your decision.

We all know marketing involves selling or ways used to make a sale. But what does affiliate mean? It simply means a company making ways for other people or businesses to advertise the company’s products on their website. The affiliate displays the company’s products in an inviting manner to convince visitors to click a product link to the company and make a purchase. When a purchase is made, the company will reward the affiliate a percentage of the sale value which we refer to as a commission.

Previously, affiliates were paid on a per click basis (PPC) but due to dishonest affiliates clicking on the product links rather than visitors, rewards are paid only when a visitor follows the link and purchases the company’s product. Due to frequent fraud clicking, Google Adsense now track IP addresses of PPCS where clicks came from affiliates themselves. So now the only way affiliates can make money from adsense is if they have a high traffic volume to their website and visitors start clicking on ads.

Affiliate marketing can be comparable to lets say an advertisement on the newspaper. The company pays the newspaper company for the advertisement space and hopes for responses from the advertisement. The difference in this case is that the company does not have to pay the affiliate marketer up front money until a sale is made. Its advantageous for the company selling the product as it does not have to pay any money until a sale is made. Sometimes two or more businesses advertise each others products i.e. one company may sell domain names and the other may sell web hosting services. They complement each other and can increase each others sales. This is one of the many strategies of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has brought about negative intonations because of unruly tactics that affiliates were using in the past and still even today. These involves the most common, spamming and having websites with domain names based on misspellings of a popular product. False advertising is another favorite tactic. The good thing is that the public in general is becoming more internet savvy that most affiliate marketing businesses have no choice but to avoid such tactics.

So, wait no further…get started today at a fairly minimal price. What’s a small investment for a lifetime of rewards.


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