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I’ve been blogging for 4 years, yet I still suck at my writing – and my grammar (I’m non native English speaker and like to use that as an excuse for writing bad blog posts and articles!)

I have plenty of ideas, but I consider my blogging as a work in progress as I keep trying to be better everyday… and yes, writing some blog posts everyday does help a lot. However, you do need to look for advices on how to become a better blogger.

The typical source for this, to me, is CopyBlogger. However, this blog post is not about CopyBlogger, because I have just visited a wonderful blog of Jeff Goins, a writer –

To me, Jeff’s posts are inspiring and just what I like about the blogging stuffs, his style of writing is different.

But that’s exactly what Jeff suggests in his blog post: Be specific. Be unique. Be weird. If I’m allowed to add – be controversial.

From Jeff Goin’s “Be Specific” post, I learn some things that I want to share with you:

  • When you write for everyone, you write for no one.
  • Focus on one thing and write about it.
  • Don’t try to talk with everyone – pick someone, and “converse” with him/her

Those are deep :) But I get Jeff’s point: Be specific and laser-target one particular topic.

If I talk about a particular issue, e.g. whether blogging is dead or not, I should pick a side. Many bloggers are trying to please anyone by keeping themselves in the middle; don’t! Jeff Goins insists you to be different – in other words, pick your side and explain why in your post.

So, there you go – some lessons I learned. Be sure to visit and be enlightened!

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