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We all know by now that submitting our sites to directories is a crucial component of our link building campaign. Synergy Web directory is my latest find. Now some of you may already know about this site and have been lucky enough to have your site accepted. Lucky enough?? Yes..!

Why I Like Synergy

First of all, the term synergy itself. Working cohesively for a common goal.I love that! Secondly, this directory doesn’t just accept any old site. They manually review and approve all submissions. The goal of the Synergy Web Directory is to have a friendly, informative, spam free resource. Ahh…spam free!

Benefits of Synergy

This directory is not overpopulated. Your site, if approved, will not become lost in a sea of blogs. For example, I searched the site for “make money” blogs. At the time of this writing, there were only two. And SEO blogs, a little over a 100. In my opinion, that’s damn good. I will take 1 out of 100 any day.

PageRank is currently at PR4. Not too shabby. Obviously we want our links on high PR sites and I think PR 4 is a great place to start.

Another benefit is the ability to purchase a featured link. A year featured link is $12.99 and a lifetime feature is $14.99. However, I like to explore the free methods and they also have a free link submission. Right up my alley.

There is also a section to submit your articles and they also provide their “top hits” for your perusal. As of today, Synergy has over 7100 links with 136 pending. Due to individual site review, it may take some time to get your blog listed, but worth it…in my opinion anyways!


I know there are literally hundreds of directories out there and you should be utilizing them. The Synergy directory stood out for me as a unique and quality place. Now, will my site be accepted? *fingers crossed* I will let you know. For me, it’s just another metric by which I can analyze my development. Submit your link.

Have you heard of Synergy? What do you think of the review process?


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