Wrapping Adsense Code in Blog: Trial and Error

I have not kept it a secret that I am fairly new to the whole online marketing thing. I have been using Adsense on this site through trial and error. How have I been doing? I would say pretty well, for a beginner. Of course, I am nowhere near the big dogs of internet marketing and Adsense earnings. However, I am finding my way and looking to restructure this blog a bit.
Now that I am researching and learning the tricks of the trade, I want to gear this site to beginner marketers and help them along the way. If I can save you valuable time, energy and money, then I have succeeded. I have put blood, sweat and tears into my online endeavors and a little bit of focus has helped me tremendously. What am I getting at you ask? This post is going to be another trial and error for my Adsense reports. Let’s see how it works out.
So, I conducted this live, just now, and it worked! Not exactly the way I wanted it to, but it damn well worked. I now have Adsense code in my template and can utilize ads within each post. took me a bit to figure it out, but I did it. Now, I can try and explain it to you…er, better yet give you the place to go to learn  learn how to do it. Bonnie Calhoun is a lifesaver!
If you have been trying to get Adsense inside your Blogger posts, then this is the place to go!
It is a tried and tested fact that ads within posts gain a much higher CTR than other ad placements. I urge you to at least give it a whirl and see how it works for you. I will keep you posted on my results. Please let me know if this has helped you and other questions you may have. 


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