4 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Niche

One of the hardest things anyone has to decide is what they’re going to blog about. The reason it’s so hard is because this one decision is at the end of the long path you’ve been walking down. At the end of the long path you have a thousand different paths heading off in every direction. You know once you choose your path you have to stay on it for a very long time. If you want to jump across to another path you can’t. You have to start all the way at the beginning again.

This choice is your future and you can’t spend a year of your life wasting it on nothing. That won’t happen to you after you’ve finished reading this article. It won’t tell you what niche you should choose, but it will definitely flick a switch inside your head that lets you know. Bells will start ringing, but only if you pay close attention. Let’s look at the 4 things you need to think about before choosing your niche.

Will people pay money for it?

When you enter a niche the main question you have to ask yourself is whether someone will hand you over money. If that won’t happen then you don’t have a business. You will be able to tell quite easily because other people will already be making money in the niche. If there is the possibility to make money then if a few other things check out you are definitely onto a winner. It’s up to you whether you’re happy with the average price of products already on the market. Each one will be different and earning $10 per sale in one niche could be just as hard as earning $100 per sale in another. Remember that.

Can you write about it for years? 

This is going to consume your life for the foreseeable future. Unless you sell your business you will be writing about it for years. You obviously have to come up with things to write about all the time. If there isn’t much you can say then you’ll have a hard time continuing to build the business. Grab a piece of paper and write down as much possible article headlines as you can. If you manage to come up with fifty you should be OK. That gives you enough content for one year and you will come up with more ideas along the way.

Do you have something special to offer?

What’s the point in throwing everything you have into a niche if you can’t bring anything new to the table? There will already be established players in your niche and they will have all the traffic. That means you need to find a way to squeeze yourself in. You can’t do that by repeating the same things they have already said. It’s important you live your niche and that you’re very creative. It’s only then that you can turn the niche on its head and come out with things nobody even dreamed of.

Is the niche large enough to grow?

Ask yourself if you really want to be stuck in a niche where you can only make $5,000 per month. That might seem fantastic now, but the Internet is a wonderful thing and it’s easy to scale a successful business. You don’t want to be capped by the niche that you choose. Not when you could turn it into a 7-figure per year business just as easily as turning it into a 5-figure per year business. You might think that seems alien just now, but it could be a case of having more affiliates available, or being able to spend more money on paid traffic.

About the Author: Mason Cameron is an avid blogger and freelance writer. He has 4 years experience in seo marketing strategies and guest blogging network.


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