Big Fat Blog No-No!!

You all know there are many, many blog no-no’s; but one in particular stands out, at least for me. This is my big, fat blog no-no. Multiple posts per day. Okay, pick your jaw up off the floor now. :)

Multiple Blog Posts per Day

So there it is, I said it. I am well aware their are a few successful bloggers that can pull this off quite well. However, most  bloggers, especially those just starting out, should not attempt this. The main reason? Your content suffers. Yes, the goal is to show Google you have lots of great content, but that’s just it… can’t all be great.

It’s tough to come up with relevant, interesting and brilliant content once a day, let alone 2-3 times per day. Why would you put that kind of stress on yourself? You need to make each blog post count…make it interesting, timeless and relevant. Not just to Google but your audience. our audience will help you climb the Google ranks by sharing and linking.

Another reason this is a big blog no-no; your audience probably reads somewhere between 20-30 blog posts per day. Some people even more. Their in boxes are flooded. Why add to that frustration with double doses of you each day? Frankly, it’s annoying. I know; harsh. But it’s for your own good.

Gear Content to Audience

That should be your golden rule. Gear your content to your audience. Without your readers, your blog will fail anyhow. If you write content that appeals to your audience and doesn’t overwhelm them…you will be miles ahead the rest. Especially those that write 3 or 4 posts a day. It’s just too much to consume. It’s also too much to write and get right. :)

Your audience as I mentioned earlier will do alot of the hard work for you. They will share your posts, link to your stuff, comment and talk about you on their blogs. That stuff alone will help propel you in Google and get you noticed. So bottom line? Post one good high quality post a day to keep your blog relevant and interesting to your readers.


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