5 Ways To Make Sure You Cannot Be A Successful Blogger

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How to be an unsuccessful blogger

It takes years to establish as a reputed blogger but it takes only a few days if not few minutes to lose them all. Sometimes, it is not just the failure to keep the momentum going or the inability to entertain the readers anymore, there are some other issues involved that can rob you off all the reputation you have garnered after so many years of hard labor. So, better safe than sorry. Here I am going to list some factors that can go a long way to ruin your reputation as a blogger. So, if you don’t feel like blogging anymore, these suggestions will be going to relieve you from the pressure of blogging days in and days out:

Do Not Give Any Importance on Title: The title says it all about it. So, if you can manage to have a less than impressive title, most of your blog posts will go unnoticed. And if you can maintain this rule religiously, you will soon see a steady decline in the average time visitors spending on your post. Give whatever title comes up to your mind and never tries to make it look and feel good. And there should be little element of surprise. Make it extraordinarily ordinary and it will make sure that no one will be going to read that thing.

Do not Use Image And Write in One Paragraph: Write heart out and forget about paragraph. Who care about paragraphs and all that formatting thing. Just go on writing like anything and do not give a dime about the look and feel of the website, you do not have time for such trivialities. Just make sure that you are not adding any images, as they help to hook the attention of the visitors and sometimes make the entire post look beautiful. Try to avoid images like plague and you will be good. No one will care a fig to read you lousy blog post.

Do Not Edit: Editing is a hectic task and every one hates it like anything. It makes you mad, crazy and sometimes, drives you to the brink of insanity. So, do not waste time rereading or editing blog post. Your visitors may be the source of bread and butter but they are not paying you a penny. Do not give them any importance. Just write anything that comes to your mind and there is no such need to maintain a coherence in the post. Let it be meaningless blabbing and do not waste your valuable time editing the mistakes. Try these and believe me, you will successfully lose a significant section of your visitors.

Abuse and Go Mad at Your visitors: Yah, this is the best way you can drive away visitors and at same time, lose your reputation at one go. Whenever you feel that some visitors are not conforming to what you have said, just teach them a good lesson by shouting at them and use whatever foul language you have learnt in your life. You will feel good and a surge of angry reactions is sure to follow.

Do Not Care about Visitors: This is your blog and you can write whatever you can. So, if the blog is about giving updated information on Finance industry, you should go on posting your affair with the girl next door or else you can share how the pancake was smashed by your friend when he trips over it. In short, forget about relevancy and write whatever you feel good. You are sure to lose the trust and love of some visitors for sure.

About the Author: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he has been writing for Site2You which is a website builder for business. He has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.

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