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Tips on how to blog for your readers

Readers are the meat and drink of your blog. They keep your blog kicking and thriving and without them, you blog will be turned into a non-entity. So, it is of utmost importance that you are writing for your readers and not for search engines and that means, you need to do everything possible to hook on to the attention of the users. Though there is no such hard and fast rule available, here we are trying to give you some suggestions that you can try if you wish to curry favor with your targeted audience:

Know the Type of Visitors You Targeting: You cannot make happy all the people all the time and that means, you need to find your niche first. For example, you cannot go on writing on the same way when you are writing for children. You need to find out the subtle difference and if you fail to find the difference, you will find it hard to keep your readers happy and satisfied.

Choose Words After Much Care: You should not go using rough language while posting articles in your blog. You may never know when your website gets visited by underage visitors. So, refrain from such practice as this will not going to add any value to your blog.

Be Nice and Avoid Jargon:  You should not react strongly if you find someone saying wrong thing against you. You need to clam down and try to figure out why the reader is so upset. Probably the reason behind is genuine and that may give you an opportunity to enhance your writing skills. Take criticism into your grace and believe me this is going to help you in ways innumerable. And do not use jargons or complex technical language while writing articles for your blog. Jargon is a big turn off for general users who are not so tech savvy. So you should debar yourself from using jargons and other tough terms so that readers can go through the post without feeling the need of opening a dictionary to find out the meaning of it.

Make it Look Good: If some of your blog posts do not read good, you should at least try to make it look good. The article needs to have proper structure and should not look like a flow of thought and nothing else. There should be attention to details and make sure the article does not contain any grammatical error. Try to add some related images along with strong sub headings and bulleted points where never possible.

If you are not good at editing, you can always hire someone else for the job. You can get it done by using hiring someone else. Have a catchy headline since an ordinary title is not going to help you draw visitors to your website and do everything possible in your hands to increase the average time of your website thing.

Try these tips and I believe you will certainly see some dramatic improvement in making your readers stick to your blog.

About the Author: Jay Osbrone has been working as a content writer, SEO analyst and web designer for the past few years. He is a passionate writer and loves writing on Facebook marketing, Facebook templates and other social media topics.


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