Confessions of a Social Media Girl: Is Image Everything on Social Networks?

I do not want to hurt the sentiments of the men folks out there, but honestly, social media is a long-held female bastion and I do not see any such changes appearing in near future. And do you know the reason why female folks are being treated as a privileged class in social media sites? Well, I do not want to offend the fair sexes, but the truth is – “Sex Sells”. People in general like to pamper girls in social media websites and probably this is the reason why there are so many fake profiles doing the round in social media sphere.

The invisible rule of attaining success in social media circle is putting your best face forward. You simply cannot hope of beating your competitors in social media number game with a less than impressive profile picture. However, it is definitely not just about having a photogenic face. There are some other rules involved. But here in this article, we are going to explore the power of images in social media and how you should be using them to your advantages:

It is Good to be Appealing: To be very honest, I would personally prefer a nice looking girl over a faceless facebook profile. Since social media is all about presenting your brand image in the best possible way so that people say good thing about your company, it makes sense to have a great looking image gracing profile picture. It will invariably draw attention of the users and help you see steady spike in the number of fans. So, do not miss out on this opportunity. There is no point in featuring an ordinary looking profile image, rather try something sexy and sleazy and see the difference.

Acceptable but Superfluous: Yes, I am well aware of this but who care. Being beautiful is a burden in itself and I hope beautiful girls will cover me up in this regard. Now what I am saying is using a beautiful image as cover picture will automatically up the expectation level of the fans. Since your brand will be judged by the updates and images that you are supposed to post, you need to take extra precautions as to not hurt the sentiments. Invest some time for locating great images, fine-tune them to have the desired effects and then upload them accompanied by some great quotes. Flood of comments and Likes are most likely to follow soon.

Social Media Focusing More on Images: Facebook has bought Instagram, Twitter has now an option to upload images and the fastest growing social media site – Pinterest is all about pinning great images. So, I hope you can realize the role of Images in social media circle. Moreover, Facebook Timeline is giving users a more visual experience by letting users uploading large images. Google Plus may be a glorious exception but we should not forget the fact that engagement is still missing there.

However, I am not discarding the importance of contest, engaging content etc. Nope, as marketers, we are all aware of this. But having some awesome images gracing your social profiles will certainly have a positive impacts on the overall online presence.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he contributes to, a company works on Cyprus Taxation.


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