Nial Fuller Reviews, Testimonials and Comments on Forex Course From Students

Here Is A Selection of Actual Reviews & Testimonials From Nial Fuller’s Trading Course Students. Each Students Email and Comments Has Been Pasted Below and has not been edited. Nial Fuller’s Price Action Trading Community Now Has More Than 5000 Members (At current date of December 2011), He is Considered an Authority in Forex Trading Education and Is Respected Trading Coach, Trading Author, and a Talented Entrepreneur.

Thanks for all of your help Nial…

You are the real deal and I appreciate that. I have been a member for just bout a year now and my trading has developed substantially, largely in-part because of your mentor-ship. You are an inspirational philanthropist.

- Brandon

Hi Nial,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you are doing for me and that I am very, very impressed and happy with the knowledge you are sharing and the help you are offering every step of the way. Becoming a member of your community is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I wanted you to know it.

I am sure my comment is just a drop in the ocean of good comments you are receiving every day, but I felt it was due anyway. Thank you a million again!

Best regards, Alberto Cosmos

Hey Nial,

Just completed your course and i wanted to say thank you for a great simple forex reference point (and keeping it affordable too.)

My previous experience has been disaster, after disaster from a robot(which blew my account) to trying to work out which indicator does what on, the charts, jumping from this strategy to that… and getting more frustrated when things don’t work out! Price action is a fresh of breath air for me,and has rekindled the passion,i have for forex trading and inspired me more.

Like you say, you can’t teach everything and some things will come with more ‘screen time’ and you cant expect a system to produce 100% wins after searching, and searching i feel like I’ve finally arrived home!

p.s have already had a couple wins on live acct this week and one in progress NZ/USD… will have more questions to ask you soon about forex.


Thomas – From Auckland, New Zealand
p.s You’re OK for an Aussie… heh heh

Hello Nial:

My goodness. I was smiling as I was reading this article. I must say u are really dedicated to ur work. U r truly “very serious” about price action. Your students I am sure all appreciated this article…. I did…and all u said is really very true… you have to have a good foundation to stand on..continue with whatever else u can think of… it does really help a lot…

Dear Nial and LTTTM,

I am writing to share my recent success with you! I have traded 3 months in a row in profit on my demo account and have achieved the first goal of my trading plan. If I manage to trade 2 more months profitably on my demo I will go to a live account ! Thanks for all the input here and I am really developing into this Price Action method. I am trying to master a couple of set ups including the Event Area Trade which has just been great in getting my Risk to Reward in trades to 2:1 and >.

One developed question I have is that I remember in the course notes Nial you said that you generally take Pin Bar Inside Bars if they are with the Trend? I am considering adding this setup to my Event Area Trades, but I wanted to know what sort of things I should be looking at in looking at PBIB trades – Or is it just the usual i.e at pulbacks, with strong trends and clear RR…?

Many thanks for your input and particularly your patience with beginning traders like myself…

Giles Coghlan (I go by my middle name Daniel in the forum)

Hi Nial,

Many thanks, appreciate it. Very helpful.

By the way, besides your permanent message of keeping trading techniques simple you do an outstanding job teaching the human behavioral side of the business.

You found your profession…



Hey Nial,

Thanks for that reply. The bounce did occur (first) at the Daily 21 as seen in a 9am Hourly pin. That was my lucky long position as I quickly snared 50 of the 80 pips that bar produced. Then price continued down for another leg and produced a bullish signal to the upside two hours later. I was just in the right place at the right time as price snapped up and back. But I did take that based on where the Daily bar was sitting at that time, which was flat on the 21ema. Thankfully, I banked my 1:2 trade quickly before the next push slightly below that level. I guess it was probably a risky entry, and I’m lucky to have pulled it off. I will look to have confirmation on the next trade of that sort as you mentioned – some other event at the ema level.

I’m still learning. Have a busy schedule and miss a lot, but I love your program and everyone that I talk to about trading gets referred to your site!

Thanks for all the great work,


Nial & Team,

I want to thank you for this site, your concepts & knowledge, the coaching and your willingness to help fellow traders. I’ve been trading for 17 years and most of it has been personal trading, but some has also been professional. If it moves, I’ve traded it…equities, fixed instruments, futures, options, forex and most all variations of each (options on futures, etc.). I’ve tried every indicator, most all technical & fundamental trading strategies, including the use of forex robots. Over that time, I’ve been profitable due to my longer term holdings (buy & hope), but my shorter term trading has been gain & loss, but mostly loss. I always have to chuckle when people say “I’m basically even…”, which translates into they basically lost their butt. I’ve been a member of your site since January 2011, and I’ve won some and lost some, but I’m making money. It’s a small account, but it’s real money. I don’t trade demo accounts, because phsycologically it’s not the same for me, in fact, I’ve never lost money in a demo account and have almost always “made a killing”…for me it’s not real enough. I can be honest and say I’m emotionally attached to trading, which for 15+ years I’ve recognized. The problem with my trading has been me (sounds silly, but many people never get that). I realize that I have to “beat” my own mentals, before I can beat the market. Bottom line is that your trading methods and approach works now and will always work. The one common denominator is people in any market, and it’s easy to see the phsycology in the markets and the trading patterns you teach here. In fact, I was blown away to “learn about” the fakey pattern. Why? Because, I was the guy in the past who always helped to form that pattern!!! Only to see the market move quickly against me. The key driver for this approach is patience, which in the past, because of the emotions involved, I did not possess. Now, because of a few simply patterns, that I know I need to look for, I’m no longer impatient, emotional, or losing money. I am actually sleeping better knowing that I am beginning to “beat” my own personal limitations to allow me to make a living on my terms and not that of a corporation. It’s actually a very liberating feeling, and I thank you for providing a key ingredient. Still working the J.O.B., but now the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train.

Thank you again and please pass this along to your support team, so they can see that all their collective efforts do not go un-noticed.

With the money I make at this, I plan to fly my wife and I to Australia (always wanted to visit), and take you to your favorite restaurant as a thank you!!! Start thinking about where you want to go! :-)

Edward Kelchner

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