Why should you get the new iPad?

the new ipad review

Should I get one of these?

One of the most expected Apple events of the year just wrapped up about a week ago, and the internet is now buzzing with news about the new iPad (especially on why Apple calls the third-generation iPad as “iPad”.)

You’ve probably heard all the new features that were introduced as part of the new iPad, but you may still be wondering whether it is worth buying. To be honest, if you are a gamer or love taking pictures, editing pictures or simply love to have the latest in what tech has to offer, then yes, you should! For the more occasional user of tech gadgets, including tablets and laptops, you could consider the things valuable to you.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details about the features, so we will get right down to business. Are you thinking of getting the 4G LTE iPad? Pricing for the 4G model new iPad devices are $629, $729 and $829 respectively. Additionally, with AT&T data packages are offered for 250MB, 2GB and 5GB priced at $15, $30 and $50. Verizon offers 2GB, 5GB and 10GB at $30, $50 and $80. LTE is certainly the fastest web network available, but you should really think about whether you really need it, as Wi-Fi is always an option. The new iPad will support 3G, HSPA+, HSPA and DC-HSDPA as well.

Resolution on the new iPad has been increased four folds, so that is definitely a reason to consider the new iPad, especially for those who don’t have one yet. With a resolution cap of 2048 by 1536, your screen will be boasting with just over 3.1 million pixels. Imagine watching high definition movies or videos on a screen of that magnitude. For those who don’t know how crisp this is, consider an HD television and multiply its resolution by two! Apple has surprised its consumers once again by launching another must have product!

Voice Dictation, which is almost like Siri, is a voice based application that allows you to control your new iPad. The only downfall to having Voice Dictation is that you need a web connection to use it. Apple should have seriously considering using Siri on the new iPad, but they went ahead and introduced a completely new interface. Along with the launch of the third generation iPad, Apple also announced the roll out of the next version of the iOS, which would be iOS 5.1. This update will offer the new iPad with a newly redesigned camera application as well as better podcast and audio controls for when you are watching movies or videos.

Apple also included the iSight camera on the rear of the new iPad, which now supports 1080p video recording. With the introduction of iPhoto for the new iPad, you will be able to edit photos just like if you were using Photoshop. The iPhoto application supports images up to 19MP and includes smart browsing, multi-touch editing, photo beaming, new effects and sharing capabilities. For the professional photo editor, this application mixed with the resolution of the new iPad will do wonders! For those contemplating on whether they should buy the new iPad, you should probably wait until March 16 to get your hands on a demo model.


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