How SEO, Hosting and Social Media Can Have An Impact on your Blogging Career

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SEO, hosting and social media – important for your blogging careers

You have been publishing great content for the past few months and you are very much satisfied with the outcome. The number of visitors getting to your website is great and there is no apparent sign of slowing down. But the honeymoon period may not last long unless you are taking some steps voluntarily. To reach out to a greater number of visitors, you need to go an extra mile apart from writing some sticky posts that have all secret ingredients to make it a big hit among visitors. Great content needs great exposure in both SEO and social media front otherwise it will be treated as another ordinary content and you will soon see your blogging career touching frightening plateau or a point of no return. Do not want to face the same thing right? Well in that case you need to ensure stability of your blog by choosing a great web hosting company and doing some awesome job in social media and SEO front. Not sure, how that can be done:

Importance of Social Media: Social media is the next big thing and it is booming like anything. If I am not stretching the truth, you cannot expect your blog reach its culmination point unless your blog has an influential presence in social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and their likes. But this is easier said than done. You need to master the art of seizing the attention of the visitors and increase sharibility of the post. This can be done by adding social sharing button in your blog that will help your targeted visitors shower their love for your blog in the form of more likes, retweets and may be repin, I hope you are aware of the Pinterest craze.

Importance of Web Hosting: Unless you do not wish tom see your website always showing bandwidth limit exceed sign, you have to get your website hosted by some industry leaders. Do not go for the free hosting thing, as they are always equated with poor technical support and forever down time. That means, you have to look for some discount coupons on some leading web hosting companies like – unless you do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket.

SEO: You have to do everything possible to make your blog SEO friendly and believe me you would not have to reinvest the wheel for the same purpose. All you need to do is to follow some basic things. Try to figure out whether or not the title, meta description and other elements of your blog are properly optimized? Do not do anything extreme like, adding too many keywords in the body or using tags just for sake of pumping up keyword density artificially. This is certainly not going to do any good to your website.

Use alt tags against the images and there is no need to use title tags if there is no such need to. And solve all the associated pending issues like canonical elements, www redirection, proper internal linking, SEO friendly navigation etc. Once all the SEO issues are resolved, you can see dramatic improvement in the volume of traffic.

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