How to Start a Travel Blog

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If you enjoy traveling, you may also enjoy sharing stories and pictures from your travels with friends and family. But now, you can share your travels with strangers too, thanks to the recent popularity of travel blogs.

Travel blogs are exactly what they sound like and allow you to organize your travels into posts and share them with others who are interested in where you went or what you did while there.

Some people think that creating a travel blog is a difficult task, but a travel blog is not like a regular blog post and can be created and maintained more easily.

If you’re interested in creating a travel blog, the following tips will help you get started.

Find an easy-to-use platform.

Creating a blog is easier than ever now thanks to the popularity of free blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. These platforms are extremely easy to use and provide you with numerous benefits. Blogger allows you to create your own customized URL, and each allow you to choose from an array of templates and add additional features and widgets. These free platforms can be created in a few hours.

Decide how detailed you want to be.

You control what and how much you write, so you can decide if you want to share every detail about your trip or just provide the highlights. You can also decide if you want to share every photo you take or limit it to a select few. Knowing how detailed you want to be will also depend on the amount of time you have to write your blog, so make sure to think about this ahead of time before you get started.

Write during or just after your travels.

You’ll create the best content and include the best details about your travels if you can find time to write while on vacation or just after you return. If you find yourself sitting on the terrace enjoying your morning coffee, jot down a few key features you want to remember about your trip. This way, you won’t run the risk of forgetting an important part of your vacation.

Don’t be afraid to lack activity.

Some people don’t start a travel blog because they feel as if they’d have to provide new and exciting content to the blog on a regular basis, and if your budget does not allow for monthly travels to exotic places, you probably won’t create a blog.

But a travel blog does not have to be updated as regularly as other blogs. Your audience understands that your posts all depend on where and when you travel, so if you only go on adventures every six months, your audience will learn that you’ll only generate content every six months. If you enable an email sign up for your posts, your audience will be alerted when you create new content, which will help them remember to come back to your blog and check out your new posts.

Travel blogs are an exciting way to document your travels for the world to see. If creating a travel blog is something that interests you, use these tips to ensure that you’re creating the best possible travel blog.

Julie Myers is a travel agent.  She loves to travel and she likes to blog about her travelling experiences from the numerous Bahamas vacations that she takes with her family.


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