The Top Items That A Successful Blogger Must Own

If you’re a full time blogger, or that is your intention, then this means that you are (or are going to be) taking full responsibility for your career and salary. At this point you become a business and it’s important to start to think of your website or blog as a real enterprise that needs investment and planning like any other venture.

And just like any other business it’s also worth investing in the right tools and materials. Though they might seem like a waste of money up front before you’ve starting raking in the serious bucks, in the long term the right purchases will help you to be more effective and more creative and that makes them good investments. Of course it’s also fun and if you’re the kind of person who’s interesting in working online then you’ll probably also enjoy having some of the latest gadgets and a ‘sort of excuse’ for buying them. And being able to claim back on tax won’t hurt either…

Here then are a few items you should be able to justify spending a bit of money on as a blogger or a webmaster and that any serious online businessman or woman should have.

A Great Desk

If you run a blog then the chances are that part of the reason you wanted to do this was so that you could work from home and enjoy getting paid to be in your own environment. Of course to really make this work though you need a comfortable place in your home to work and that means you need to get a cool desk, and in fact an entire cool office. If you manage to make these great environments conducive to your productivity then you’ll find that they also help you work faster and better.

An Awesome Computer

If you work online then that means essentially that you ‘work on the computer’ (this is the way your gran is likely to describe your job to her friends at least). As such then it rather makes sense to ensure that you have a good computer to work on so that you can really make the most of that. A computer is what’s known in business as a ‘force multiplier’ which means it can help you to create more output with the same amount of effort by automating and organizing many of your processes. As such then having a powerful computer that’s future proof and that won’t take twenty minutes to load or crash five times a day is a great investment for your enterprise.

Business Cards

When you’re a blogger everyone you meet will be impressed by you and will want help setting up a website or getting content/SEO work for their business site. Most of us won’t want to turn down such work, and having a business card is a perfect way to turn a potential lead into a paying customer.


Tablet computers are all the rage, and the ease of having something that’s always on and easy to pick up and work with shouldn’t be underestimated. At the same time these look hip and are great for showing work to clients so they’ll help boost your reputation as an entrepreneur as well as increasing your productivity.

About the Author: Keith is an Internet marketing blogger, who runs Orp Media Link Removal, which offers an unnatural links penalty removal service.


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