Why Blogging is More than Just Blood, Traffic and Money

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Some more issues to consider for a blogging success

Say, you have been blogging for the past years and you are in perfect peace with the things are. It delights you to the end to check the Adsense account; yes it is one of the common vices that are shared by almost all blogger. Dollars are pouring in from different fronts and there is nothing to worry about. But your perfect world that you have so carefully crafted might come crushing down, if one fine morning if you see that your AdSense account has been disabled by Google or the number of visitors to your blog dropped to an all time low, fanning the fear of being hit by panda. At that moment, you will start seeing things in a different light. You will start realizing the bitter truth that blogging is more than just traffic and money, it is also about living your passion. However, if you are still unable to see the reason, let me stuff you with more details:

Traffic Is Temporary: Yah, you can see sudden spike in the traffic but that does not necessarily means that they will find your posts really informative. They may bounce back within a split of a second and this is certainly not going to add any value to your blog. These visitors are rarely sticky in nature and there is very little chance of seeing them back on your blog. So, rather than running after traffic, you should make concerted effort to improve the quality of the blog so that even a curious visitor gets converted into loyal reader.

Money is Not The one and only Thing: If you are blogging only for getting something out of it, you could not more than wrong. Your blog will soon be labeled as MFA – Made for Adsense and you will see a drastic fall in ranking. So, rather than writing on keyword centric topic, you should focus on writing that will add value to the users experience as a whole. Make the title catch, interesting and intriguing and you will see visitors are spending more time on your website. Just invest more time to make your blog unique and informative.

It is Not Just hard work: You might have put in several hours of hard work to get your blog up and running but the thing is that your blog may or may not be adding that much value to your visitors. There is no point in churning out low quality content or thin content. Try to add your own perspective in the posts. Rather than posting the same run of the mill content, you can bring some freshness in your blog by posting interviews of others or by coming up a nice tutorial. Add some nice images and whenever possible add a video tutorials and then promote it virally via social media and you will sure to have a strong presence.

3 Ps: Yes, blogging is about three Ps – Passion, Perfection and Persuasion. You have to have the passion for writing and sharing good things with readers. You need to make sure whatever you are offering to your visitors is precise and perfect as far as possible. There should be zero grammatical error and do not post anything that does not make any sense. Your writing style needs to have a persuasive flavor otherwise, your blog may find it really hard to keep intact its readers

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