Video Blogging: What makes it worth your time and effort?

video blogging

Blogs can add good value to websites which can use them properly. A website can show how actively it is managed and updated through a blog and reach out to its visitors constantly with new, updated information. A video blog replaces the text articles with linear posting of videos in order to effectively communicate with its audience. Video blogging revolutionizes both the scope and purpose of a blog. Video blogs can make the content of a website more interesting to its visitors. Below are the reasons which make video blogging worth your time and effort:

Video Blogging is More Personal

Video blogging when compared with the normal written blogs can be very personal. Apart from relating to you, people who are viewing the videos posted by you can actually feel whatever you are talking about. As many people rely on blogs for getting information on niche areas like gardening and fitness, you can have video blogs which can demonstrate how to perform a task or fitness routine. Through such videos, you can show passion and express yourself better.

Get Noticed Quickly

Video blogging is still in its infancy when compared with written blogs. Video blogs available on many topics or themes are still very much limited. A video blog with good quality content could easily stand out from the crowd. So, a new blogger can quickly get noticed and attract a good number of followers by focusing on video blogging.

Easy Expression

You can easily express yourself using video blogs when compared to written blogs. Video blogs allow you to express yourself even when you don’t have a certain topic in your mind. You can simply record a video of you sitting and talking about a certain topic just like you do in a face to face conversation and post it on your blog. Emotions like sarcasm and frustration which are difficult to express in written blogs can be expressed easily through a video blog. As blogging is all about networking and building relationships, video blogging aids you in the networking process. Video blogs can improve your presentation skills too.


Video blogs are very effective tools for marketing for your businesses than the traditional written blogs. Your business can communicate more personally with their customers through video blogs. Video blogs allow you to share your business stories with your customers in an innovative way. You can post the videos showing the quality standards followed in your organization, people behind the development of different products and brands, messages from the top management to your customers, etc. It is generally not easy to circulate such videos through traditional media channels like television due to the high costs involved. If your business is making a new to the world product like an iPad, then you can post a video blog demonstrating the utility and features of such a product.

Do-It-Yourself Websites

If you run a DIY website, then video blogging can do wonders for your website. Instead of giving the instructions for performing a task in bullet or numbered points, you can shoot a video demonstrating a DIY project and post it on the website. This will certainly attract more visitors to your website. Videos are an easier, quicker, and effective way of demonstrating a process than plain text.

Expand your Reach

People are more interested in watching a video than reading a post. The videos that are posted on your video blog can also be posted on other video sharing sites like YouTube and TubeMogul. This will help you to expand your reach by communicating with a wider audience. You can post a link to your own blog along with the video posted on other video sharing sites. This will direct people who like your video to your own blog and increase your audience. By posting your videos on other video sharing sites you can also appeal to a different type of audience who may not follow your blog normally.

Search Engine Marketing

Video blogs posted on your website can increase the SEO results for your website. Videos posted on the internet are now easily searchable on search engines like Google and Bing and outsourced video websites. Video blogs can improve your SEO skills which can prove to be crucial in the long term as search engines are trying to improve their video searching capabilities.

The advancement in technology has made video blogging more affordable than ever. The fact that video blogging is proved to be effective and fun gives a compelling reason to expend your valuable time and efforts on it.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, marketing and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are Gizmowatch and Automotto, which she also happens to work for. She is a social media addict and can be actively found on twitter @alyssagclarke.


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