business growth

Gets Success Making Improvements?

Making improvements Sometimes a business might appear to be doing well from the outside, it may have plenty of clients and bringing in some money but it just isn’t bringing in the profits it...
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writing tips

Be Specific: Writing tips by Jeff Goins

Bloggers - be unique! I’ve been blogging for 4 years, yet I still suck at my writing – and my grammar (I’m non native English speaker and like to use that as an excuse for writing...
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find images for blog posts

How to Find the Right Image for Your Blog Post Quickly

Found it! No matter what others might tell you, I’m going to insist on this: Images in post help you make your point and eventually retain existing/new blog readers. It’s a no-brainer:...
blogging tips for moms

The Productive Mommy Blogger: Using Ergonomic Workstations to Your Benefit

Are you a mommy blogger? Are you afraid of getting hurt while you’re at work? When you think of getting injured on-the-job, you’re probably not thinking that your present job of blogging...
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SOPA, Megaupload, and The Future of Blogs

Blogging with passion! First off, I would like to apologize for not posting for quite some time, as I am in the middle of fixing issues with my other sites. Please allow me to make use of this blog...

Google Search: Behind the Algorithm

You all do your keyword research and work relentlessly to get those keywords ranked in Google. What people seem to forget in Google search is their is more under the hood. There are alot of components...
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facebook privacy

Cool Ways to Control Your Facebook privacy

So, Facebook is as has always been in a mess when it comes to secure 100% privacy of users. The more they try to make things simple, around the concept privacy, the more complicated it becomes and...
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bravenet classifieds, income stream for bloggers

Income Stream: Make Money Offering Classifed Space

Internet Marketing is about making money and the most successful marketers have multiple income streams. You can make money offering classified space on your site as one of the waves in your stream....
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