Link Units are Space Efficient

If you don’t have a lot of space on your blog but you want to utilize adsense, link units are space efficient. The appearance of your blog is important to it’s success. You do not want your sidebars or posts stuffed full of ads. Smart visitors know these ads and sometimes they can really irritate your readers. Your ads should be strategically placed on your blog and take up minimal space.  So how do you accomplish this task? Link units.
This will allow you to have an ad with five or six topics and your reader can click the one that interests them most. Though you wont make money on that initial click, you will make money on the ad they are sent to from your link unit. This is a fantastic way to utilize a small space and focus in on more targeted traffic. Check out the video link below to see how you can accomplish this on your site.

How to Utilize Link Units


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